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Bluetooth scanner available for TIMBERplus apps

We are updating our apps to be able to work with a Bluetooth scanner to save you time with manual inputting of log numbers.

The Bluetooth scanner can be easily paired with your device and works with iOS, Android and Windows.

There are two different types of scanner to choose from:

Handheld Scanner:

This scanner is small and lightweight compared to the scanners attached to computers. It is ideal to use with tablets or where the device is fixed but you need the freedom to move around as the Bluetooth can work from up to 10m from line of sight. It has a battery life of 10 hours or 5,000 scans so should easily last you all day and with a charging time of 5 hours it will be fully charged and ready to go when you come in the next day.

‘I work in a high noise area will this scanner work for me?’ This scanner makes noise, vibrates and has a LED light which indicates good and bad scans, so can be used in high noise levels.

‘I am forever putting the scanner down and forgetting where?’ Not to worry this also comes with a lanyard so you are able to keep the scanner around your neck, you could also purchase a belt clip to give you more movement while scanning.

Attachable Scanner:

This is a scanner that can either be attached or detached from your device, the scanner is small in design (roughly the same size as a credit card but not width). This scanner also has a battery life of 10 hours or 10,000 scans so will last all day and only take 4 hours to fully charge. This scanner can be used in several ways:

a) Used with the klip case this scanner can be quickly attached and detached from the mobile device leaving one hand free to handle goods. The klip case can be used on all devices.

b) ‘I have a habit of dropping things – I am worried that my device/ scanner might break’ –With the duracase the scanner can be attached to your device with a protected rubber case, giving them protection if they are dropped. With the case you can also purchase a charging dock which will charge the scanner as well as the device. This is currently only available for 5th/6th generation iPod Touch.

c) The scanner can also be detached from your device and attached to a belt clip so it can be used with a lanyard and attached around your neck or clipped to your belt, the belt clip scanner can be used at arm’s length and is attached to you so will not be put down and potentially lost. This scanner also has a wireless function of up to 10m so can be used away from the device that it is connected to.

We hope this blog has been helpful, please contact us if you have any further questions or visit our website which has more information on all of our products.

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Changes in the iOS 11 that may affect your Bluetooth scanning device.

With the latest update from Apple, there has come many changes including how multitasking works on the iPad. These changes have made it easier and quicker to switch between Apps.

If you have more than one App running on your iPad and they’re both connected to the Bluetooth scanner then there could be a delay when switching between Apps and the current ‘active’ App taking control of the Bluetooth scanner from the previous App. The delay is around 2-5 seconds. So don’t forget to wait for the scanner to beep to confirm it’s connected before you start scanning!

Another new feature with tis update is that when Bluetooth is switched ‘on’ in setting – it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is switch on to connect to your Bluetooth scanner. So if your scanner is not connecting either:

1) Go to the control centre and make sure Bluetooth is switched ‘on’ e.g. check that the Bluetooth button is marked blue.

2) Or go to Bluetooth in your setting screen and tap on the ‘allow new connections’ button.

Look out for further blogs about our new product range, hardware and more – Can’t wait till then? Please visit our website which provides basic details of each product or contact us to discuss these further. 

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