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Cloud-based ecosystem: TIMBERplus HUB
Cloud-based ecosystem: TIMBERplus HUB
19. April 2023

We are always happy to share with you different projects we have in continuous development at TIMBERplus. On this occasion, it’s one that our Team member Abdul is working on as part of his Master’s Thesis.

Abdul Rehman, originally from Pakistan came to Germany to study a Master’s Degree in Automotive Software Engineering at the TU of Chemnitz. He started working with us as an intern and during this period he was able to identify some opportunities for innovation. With the aim of offering more efficient processes to our customers.

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TIMBERplus customers – and non-customers – are in continuous communication and exchange of data, however, sometimes it’s done in a nonproductive way. Coming from this fact, Abdul got hands-on to find a solution. Currently, the exchange of information is done manually by performing repetitive actions. Customers and their suppliers still have to create and fill in by hand each invoice field. Like the origin, country of harvest, country of production, etc. for each article. The information is usually only found in on-premises databases, making this whole process very time-consuming.

Taking this into account the aim of his project is to build an ecosystem of cloud-based solutions: TIMBERplus HUB. Which makes data exchange between customers and suppliers easier, reduces repetitive tasks, and allows easy access to information from anywhere. Abdul believes that by digitalizing data, processes like sales, pre-sales, and purchase negotiations will be optimized and facilitated.

How does it work?

TIMBERplus HUB ecosystem will provide a cloud-based platform in which for example, if a supplier makes an offer to a customer, it will be possible to see additional information about this offer. Like pictures of the material, they might be purchasing. Having this information in a platform will make trading more efficient and accurate. Saving a lot of time which at the moment is used less efficiently.

Once the project is running, it will provide customers and suppliers using the HUB ecosystem with a platform where information is always available. Since it’s all stored in a cloud platform and not on each customer’s on-premises databases. It will allow suppliers to send information about a sale into the TIMBERplus HUB, which the interested customer can access and decide to import into its on-premise system. If the information is imported it will automatically create/input a purchase in their on-premise system and link all of the materials to the position line items of the purchase that was created.

Whereas there are challenges to overcome, like synchronizing on-premises databases with cloud solutions in an efficient way. Once it is accomplished it will save time and make processes flow faster. Fewer mistakes will be made when all information is available to see and ready to add to necessary documents. We can’t wait for our customers to take advantage of all the benefits coming with this solution.

Get ready for some details soon! We are thrilled we will be sharing more information about it during Interzum 2023 from the 9th -12th of May. This game-changing product is set to revolutionize the industry, and you won’t want to miss out. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, because this is one release you won’t want to miss!

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