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Covid-19 situation and our updates

Update as of 17th April 2020

The Easter time is over. Although this year because of the COVID-19 it looked different, we hope that all of our clients could enjoy this time staying in good health and condition.

In this post we would like to share the latest updates connected with Corona Virus situation and restrictions in Germany caused by it.

For the moment the previous rules such as social distancing, travel ban or the schools and universities lock down is still current. Operation of service industries in the cosmetics and body care sector is prohibited just as the preparation and cooking or consumption of food in public places.

When entering the country are required to isolate themselves and to proceed directly to their own home immediately after their arrival and remain there exclusively for a period of 14 days after their entry into the country, they are also required to contact their competent public health office without delay and inform the latter of their entry into the country.

Further steps and actions were announced during the conference by the chancellor Angela Merkel. The chancellor said that “we have to live with this until there is a medicine or a vaccine” that can stop it. There are also few remarkable changes, especially about the beauty sector, small shops and schools.

The new regulations are as follows (according to ’’Deutsche Welle’’):

  • Retailers smaller than 800 square meters will be allowed to open under the current physical distancing rules on April 20.
  • Schools will slowly re-open on May 4th, with pupils in their last years of primary and secondary school having the priority. Schools that re-open must have a strict hygiene plans in place.
  • Hair salons can resume business on May 4th if strict protective measures are observed.
  • The ongoing rule that individuals may only meet with one person outside their household remains in place, as well as the rule about keeping a minimum of 1.5 meters away from others.
  • Large events, such as sports and concerts, will remain banned until August 31st.
  • Bars, restaurants, day care centres, theatres, and cinemas will stay closed until further notice. Religious gatherings are also cancelled for the foreseeable future.
  • Protective masks are “strongly recommended,” but not mandatory, in shops and on public transportation.
  • Strict controls at Germany’s borders will stay in place for at least 20 more days.

We truly hope that with these new regulations the life will be easier for all of us. If we follow the rules, we stay safe and hopefully a vaccine or medicine will appear soon. We send to all our customer good wishes, be safe and strong!


At #TIMBERplus we are working just as before but in a remote mode. For full information check our other social media channels:




We are able to provide our customers the same quality of the service from a remote location. We are available via phone and email. In case of any questions you can write us a note, and we will contact you back.

We are also organising the access to the training for our client on a remote basis. You need only a device such as a standard PC, Laptop, Tablet, IPod or Android together with a camera and microphone and a running internet connection. More information with full description here: 


Since the new Covid-19 virus appeared, life  for all of us had definitely changed. Each country tries to fight with the pandemic in the best possible way but everywhere it looks different. Some countries are trying to keep their previous way of a lifestyle as much as possible (for example Sweden), while  others are not allowing people to leave their houses without the confirmed reason (Italy or Spain).

Little by little also the restrictions in Germany were changing from general advice’s to strict orders.

In this post we would like to share some of the most important rules which are compulsory right now in Germany.

  • In public places, people must absolutely keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m between each other.
  • You can only stay in public places alone or accompanied by the person(s) sharing the same or accompanied by one other person who does not share the same home. The minimum distance stipulation does not apply to these persons.
  • The operation of service industries in the cosmetics and body care sector (hairdressers, cosmetic and beauty studios, massage parlours, tattoo parlours and similar services) is prohibited.
  • All sports centres have closed.
  • It is not possible to consumption food in public places. This applies especially for barbecues and picnics. This does not apply to homeless people without access to a home or any accommodation, especially in public shelters and accommodations.
  • The operation of bars, restaurants and other premises used for the sale and consumption of drinks and food in accordance with the German Restaurant Code is prohibited.
  • You must not have Parties, celebrations and festivities at home or in other non-public places.


Few more examples of the changes direct from Hamburg city, where #TIMBERplus office is:

  • Supermarkets have a strict number of people allowed to be inside at any one time.
  • You must disinfect Trolleys.
  • The trains are longer so that there is more space for all of the passengers.
  • There is an automatic voice information on the train platforms informing about keeping distance between the people
  • Most employees can work from their homes. Otherwise the companies are trying to provide them with safest work conditions possible.

We wish all of our customers from every part of the world a lot of health and patience. We are in this new situation together, hoping for the best in the future. Stay safe and strong!

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