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Digital transformation delivers efficiency
Digital transformation delivers efficiency
21. December 2022

As every year the new edition of the Furnier Magazine 2022 has come out, as a supplement to the Holz-Zentralblatt und HK Magazine.

In the past years, we participated with an article in it, and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, the article is only available in German. For our English-speaking customers that would like to read it, we have made a little summary. If you would like to read the article in German, follow the link below:

Furnier Magazine_2022


The article is based on an interview with TIMBERplus Managing Director, Stephan Herold. The article gravitates around the topic of digital transformation and how this is not only a way to increase production but also a way to improve operational processes and deliver efficiency.

At TIMBERplus there is a focus to make businesses more efficient and digitalization is a way to do so. A simple example of digital transformation that most companies have had to adapt has been remote working. This has become an essential part of the company, as travel has normalized again after COVID times. Whereas before not many people in the company were traveling as part of the business and most of the Team was working from the office, now this has changed. Most of the TIMBERplus Team, currently works remotely and only go to the office once or twice per week.

During 2022, the company staff doubled up, with a total of 13 people. From these 13 people, some not only work remotely, but also live remotely and only come to the office in Hamburg every month or when necessary. In addition, half of the team is originally from different parts of the world. Like Nigeria, Australia, India, Pakistan, USA and Mexico, which makes traveling and working remote from their home towns a need. In occasions, some business trips are an opportunity to travel to their own countries and combine holidays with it.

Digital transformation in the Company

Despite the fact, that working remotely works well for the company, it is still important to hold regular face-to-face meetings. This makes creativity and ideas flow better and create better results. That is the result of a switch to new technology being used to develop new apps and other application programs that include programming languages and tracking. For example the new 3rd party integration such as the one with ecoDMS, that will allow users to have all documents in a digital form. In addition, this integration lets the user search, link and find documents in an easy way. As easy as Googling, this will save time on processes and errors.

In addition, customer portals have been implemented to create tickets, display invoices and pay online. This was very well accepted by customers, and is an efficient way to work for the TIMBERplus Support Team. Now response times have decreased and our service has improved.

Among others, our Sales processes have also improve. Online communications such as social media channels, have been stablished as our main way of customer acquisition while providing updates to our existing customers.

Another example of digitalization adapted is the TIMBERplus Academy, which has the objective to replace face-to-face training with customers. In the academy, the customer can find online courses for the required solution and watch it at their on pace, from any device. Maximizing the time of our customers and our Team.

New developments for efficiency

In 2022, Stephan participated as a guest speaker on the Canadian Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association (CHPVA), which took place in Quebec, Canada. He gave a talk about Technology in the Veneer and Wood industry.  At the end of the presentation the newly developed interface between TIMBERplus and Fibertrace from 11Foundry was presented. This integration has the purpose to increase compliance and traceability in the trading of  timber. Since a large amount of information is recorded on TIMBERplus system, the interface can be transferred to Fibertrace. This generates reports that can be used by the customer to comply with legal requirements.

Among other developments a big one is the TIMBERplus HUB, a data exchange platform. This ecosystem of solutions will make the association of invoices, pictures, offers and other documents easier. The first cloud-based solution the HUB – Veneer Purchase App is part of it. This solution will facilitate the access to the features, with the ability of being used from any web browser. Created together with a US customer, this solution will make negotiating uncomplicated. Making sales forecasts, sending counter-offers and many other features are simplified with this solution.

Similarly, HUB- Log Receival is another cloud-based solution part of this ecosystem. This solution will serve the purpose of confirmation. Thought specially for when products of our customers are received in warehouses  that do not use TIMBERplus software. As this can be access without an on-site system, the receiver can mark the goods received and the other part can have the certainty of this.


Overall, we have made many changes in our own company by implementing solutions that makes us being more digitalized. At the same time, we continue to develop more solutions that will help other businesses work in a more efficient way by being part of the digital transformation.


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