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TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration Solution
TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration Solution
26. May 2023

TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration

As you might remember, some months ago we became officially ecoDMS resellers. Back then, we gave you an introduction to all the benefits that come with such a Document Management System. Now we are happy to let you know that we have our TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration up and running.

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You might already be aware of the benefits ecoDMS have as a system. Like complete digitalization, archive, and easy search of documents. ecoDMS make processes more efficient, as a result of better-organized documents, always available when you need them.

Well, now is not a stand-alone solution anymore. With this integration, more benefits are added to the already existing ones.

One of the many perks of this integration is the ability to link all kinds of documents between both systems. Let’s suppose you have an specific purchase event from our Cloud – Veneer Purchase App. With this integration you can link those digital documents stored in ecoDMS to this purchase event. Now every transaction file related to these documents will be linked with each other. That means you’ll have the information and data of this purchase event and also the pdf documents from ecoDMS for this particular purchase associated.

In other words, with this integration all the data and information from TIMBERplus systems and the digital documents from ecoDMS (invoices, delivery bills, FSC certificate, showlists order confirmations, even handwritten notes of a purchase) will be in the same place.


To access the TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration, there are two access points.

ecodms screenThe first one is from an specific purchase event on the Cloud – Veneer Purchase App. From the list of events choose the event you want to review. Then by clicking on the document icon next to the title of the event, you will be automatically directed to the documents linked to that event.

Once you have the document you were looking for, simply click on “Link item”. This will take you back to the purchase event linked, where you can also see if there are more associated documents and compare them on the same screen.

To make sure the information on both systems is correct or what you are looking for, there are different type of comparisons you can choose:

  • Document to document
  • Entity to document. E.g. to compare data from a purchase event to the invoice document
  • Entity to entity. E.g. to compare a purchase event and the invoice line items on the TP purchase invoice

Once you are certain the documents are correct, you can approve or reject them with one simple click. Also, a history of the compared documents can be displayed to review these connections.


The second access point is through the TIMBERplus Classic system

For example in the purchase overview window. After selecting a particular invoice and clicking on the document icon you will be taken to a window in the TIMBERplusDMS Web-Frontend Application with that Invoice number.

You can review the already linked documents like some previously scanned handwritten notes or CITES-Certificates. But also link new documents, and compare or reject the documents that belong to that specific invoice within TIMBERplus.

However, the functions of the integration are not reduced to only purchasing documents. For instance, you can link other kind of documents like contracts to a specific TIMBERplus contact, like a supplier. This means within TIMBERplus you can select one supplier and link all the documents connected to this supplier.


TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration will help you reduce time and efforts

A great function of the system is the ability to search for any character within documents. The search applies to the whole content of the documents, like any word or character in it. So, no chance you miss what you are looking for, even if you don’t know the name of the document. In addition, a very handy feature that will simplify the way you work is the easy extraction of emails directly from a document.

ecodms integration screen

The integration also includes a function that auto-populates information into TIMBERplus. For instance, when you import a purchase invoice on ecoDMS, the same fields will be automatically filled with this same information. For example, the header data that you need when you create a purchase invoice on TIMBERplus neXt & Classic. This function will save you time and help avoid typing errors. But that’s not it! On top of this function, it includes a feature particularly for invoices from the “big players” in the industry. The system has integrated templates of their documents structure, so when you have a file from them it will recognize it. This will allow to auto-populate information to further documents.

Finally, another helpful feature of this integration is the synchronization of information between both. So, if you have a particular purchase on TIMBERplus and need to add more information, this new information will be changed as well in ecoDMS. This will help your team to reduce time on this type of repetitive task and once more, eliminate mistakes.

In addition to the benefits of this integration, we also provide you with a specially developed service that makes importing documents into ecoDMS Archive much faster and convenient.

With the help of the Email Extractor Service, the attachments of emails (e.g. purchase invoices from suppliers) can be easily imported into ecoDMS. By simply forwarding the email with the desired attachment to the email address set-up for this and done! All the documents will be saved to ecoDMS.

As you can see, this integration was made to make your processes more efficient. Thanks to the features of both systems, you can reach another level of digitalisation and traceability. Your whole team can benefit from this easy-to-use system, while having reliable information, and matching other files.

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