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We at BSS Business Software Solutions GmbH (BSS), are a Hamburg based company which have been developing timber software since 2000. A customer order was the origin of TIMBERplus, an individually adaptable software solution to support virtually all aspects of the wood industry. From purchasing logs in the forest, production, inventory, sales, invoicing and anything in between. We are continually developing to help reinforce the Timber trade.

We are a passionate team and enjoy creating the TIMBERplus software, we strive for the best results for our customers by extensively testing developments before implementing them into your system.

We see ourselves as service providers and partners to our customers, advising and supporting them with our expertise. In all our projects we offer our customers a solution that covers all aspects of a project from the initial review of your current processes we are able to offer our experienced advice on the optimisation and documentation of the internal procedures, supply of the hardware, installation, training and continued support after the project is complete.

Working alongside our valued customers TIMBERplus has grown in the market and supports customers in Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia, with dedicated German and English speaking support.

We are also proud to be a sponsoring member of the IFN, please visit their website for more details http://www.furnier.de/ 

Our future is still being written, we hope you will join us in our exciting journey!

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