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As promised in our December Blog regarding us being featured in the Furnier 2017 magazine our first Blogs of the year would be about the products mentioned in the article that we haven’t blogged about yet.

The One – Log Purchase App is for the offline purchase of Logs straight from the forest, it is a multiplatform application. We have a range of handheld devices that we can recommend to use with this, including a rugged mobile windows device that works in the rain or with gloves and has a dual sim card, barcode scanner, GPS and camera. This App can also be used on a PC/Laptop.

The App sync’s to your TIMBERplus system so there is no need for manual input of species, grades, suppliers etc… It also includes an automatic volume calculation, simply select the required formula (which includes but not limited to), cubic, Doyle, Gost75 and Cants and the App will work out the volume for you.

When on your buying trip simply open the app, create your purchase and start adding the log details.

The App can go into a lot of details when it comes to the purchase of a log, you’re able to add physical dimensions as well as the agreed upon purchase dimensions, price, quality, species, certification, remarks and what the log was purchased for e.g. Veneer, Sawn Timber etc…

With the latest update of the App you are also able to add the split dimensions of a log. The split function calculate the average cost of the logs based on the split dimension.

Once you have finished adding the logs to your purchase, you can either send the details to the office by email (if you have 3G/4G/ Wi-Fi coverage). Send them later by email or sync to the system when you arrive back on site.

There is also an option to export the data to your local PC where the data can be manipulated within the desktop version of the App, depending on your preferences.

‘We have issues with our purchase orders not matching the supplier’s invoice, can we provide the supplier with a purchase confirmation where they can do their invoice from this?’ Yes you can print out a purchase confirmation when you’re on site/ in the forest. We have a rugged mobile Bluetooth printer that is compatible with our handheld devices which can be taken with you to print log purchase confirmations out for your suppliers.

In order for this App to work you will need a TIMBERplus system, Wi-Fi/VPN connection (when syncing the master data), on premises server and a licence.

This App is free to download from the App store and the links can be found on our website. Currently this has been released to download in the Microsoft App store and is available in German and English. Further releases for other operating systems and/or languages will follow upon request.

There is a flexible training options with this App, it can be done on site, remotely, or we now offer training sessions in our office in Hamburg. We also have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus WIKI page as well as phone and email support available after the training is complete.

Please subscribe to our Blog via the RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss out on new products, hardware and important updates. In the meantime look at our website which will provide you with basic details of all our products as well as the latest versions, and up to date features and benefits. If you have any questions or would like more details please do not hesitate to contact ourselves and we will be glad to discuss this with you further.

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