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Our newest App to be offered as part of the TIMBERplus – One range is the One – Offline Sales App which became available to download in November! Making the total for this product range 7 and counting. We also have another App currently in development due to be released soon… so keep your eyes peeled!

This is a multiplatform application and can work on Windows 10 desktop and mobile, iOS and Android, giving you a wide range of devices to use this with.

The One – Offline Sales App allows you to record the sales of unclipped veneer offline. You can add logs quickly by scan using either our handheld device, our Bluetooth scanner or via the devices camera. The log number can also be added manually.

The App also records the quality and price details as well as the ability to add comments at log and batch levels. These details can then be saved and sent via e-mail, when there is a WIFI connection.

From this you can import the data and use the interface which will automatically link the logs. For any logs that are not linked there is an option to do this manually. From here you will be able to proceed with the order.

‘What happens if the wrong price is input?’ This is not a problem if you haven’t already emailed the batch details to the office then click in the batch amend the details and press save. If the batch has been emailed check with the office to see if this has been imported – if it has then give them the details to change this in the system, if it hasn’t then ask them to delete the original email with the batch details. Edit the batch and re-send this to them.

This App requires a TIMBERplus system, an on premises server, WIFI connection (when emailing the batch details) and a licence for it to work. Currently this has only been released to download in the Apple App store. Further releases will follow upon request.

We offer flexible training options for this App on site or remote training via Skype. As well as several support options via Skype, phone support or we have ‘How to’ guides and Visio workflow charts available on our TIMBERplus WIKI page.

Please look out for further blogs about products, hardware and new developments – in the meantime feel free to visit our website which will provide you with basic information about ourselves and our products. If you have any questions or would like more details please do not hesitate to contact ourselves and will be glad to discuss your requirements.

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