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New Product TIMBERplus One – PDA Client
New Product TIMBERplus One – PDA Client
13. July 2022

TIMBERplus One – PDA Client

Do you know exactly how many logs you are processing every day?

Would you like to track the performance of your employees? Or maybe, you want to know the number of logs being processed by the dryers and slicers?  Then our new product  TIMBERplus One – PDA Client is perfect for your business.


One- PDA Client TIMBERplus App

Our  TIMBERplus One – PDA Client (Product Data Acquisition) solution gives you the tools to keep track of all of this information.

Now, you can have a better overview of how productive your business is, how well your staff is performing individually or in teams, as well as how many logs are being processed at all times.

Once your employee is logged into the system, the app will create an individual report. Automatically, this report will be synced to the TIMBERplus – neXt and can be seen in the report menu.

As easy as that, now you can track exactly what has been processed in each session. For example, you can find out how many logs were processed by either the dryers or the slicers.

Moreover, the TIMBERplus One – PDA Client App links with our integrated scanning devices, saving you time by eliminating the need for any manual input to create reports.




– Is the login process easy or will this take time too much away from my employees? One of the advantages of this solution is that it’s very simple to use. We’ve made the login process very simple and there is also a quick login mode to make it even more efficient.

– How can I become an expert on using this App? We offer flexible training options for this App. You can make it on-site, or we now offer training sessions in our office in Hamburg. We also have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus Support Portal page as well as by phone and remote support is also available (after the training is complete). In addition, we have video-based training in our TIMBERplus academy which will become available soon.

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