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New Product TIMBERplus – One – Sawn Timber Dryer

one-sawn-timber-dryerTIMBERplus One – Sawn Timber dryer is another product from our latest range and the next featured product to talk to you about in more detail.

This App is for the administration of sawn timber dryers, it’s a multiplatform app which works on Windows 10 desktop/mobile, iOS and Android devices so you can use the hardware of your choice for this.

You can use this app to add and remove logs and pallet from the Kiln and works with the neXt – Sawn Timber main system for dryer, pallet and log details.

On the first screen you are able to see an overview of each dryer showing how many pallets, logs and m³ is in each kiln. Select the dryer you wish to add / remove logs by clicking on it, this will bring you onto a new screen.

With a click on a button, on the dryer details screen you can see the details of the pallets or logs in the kiln. Select the ‘add / remove’ button and scan or manually input the log / pallet number to complete the action. The information will be sent via Wi-Fi to your TIMBERplus desktop system to update the details.

‘Will I need to change the status of the log on the desktop version once removed from the dryer?’ No this app will change the status of the log from air dried to kiln dried automatically once the logs have been removed from the dryer.

The app comes with a trial period before purchase and requires a TIMBERplus system, Wi-Fi coverage, on premises server and a licence for it to work. Training can be arranged on site, by Skype or we have ‘How to’ guide’s on our TIMBERplus WIKI page.

We have developed this app to make it cost effective for our customers, it is free to download from the app store and you will be able to find the links on the website. Currently this has been released to download in the Google Play store and Microsoft store, further releases will follow upon request.

Please contact us for more details and let us know your feedback so that we can develop this further for you in the future.

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