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Unlike our other applications the title One – Sawn Timber doesn’t give much away apart from the material it’s for. This is our biggest application of the range so far due to its different features which I will be talking about in more detail below.

With this app you can add new logs to the system, grade existing logs, add boards, sell whole logs/ boards and see what you have in stock. Like the rest of the product range is a multiplatform app that works with Windows 10 desktop and mobile, iOS and Android devices.

The warehouse can add logs, grade them and input board measurements. Existing logs can be easily identified by scan but new logs will need to be manually input for the first time to produce a log label to be able to scan in the future. You can add the quality of the log, species, how it has been dried, if it has been steamed and how it has been trimmed.

‘What happens if I enter the wrong details and move onto the next section?’ Not to worry there is a go back feature in the app where you can get back to edit the details, they can also be amended in the final grading screen or if you have completed this process and saved the log, then search for the log again and amended the details that way.

Through the grading function you are able to enter the dimensions of each board with quick manual input function (not having to retype all details just if the length, width or thickness changes). These logs can be added to sets for example a set for good logs and a set for defective logs. From the sets you are able to add the boards to a pallet and add remarks to the logs. Once saved the log label and bundle labels (if you have chosen to have these) will automatically be printed and the information will be sent to the TIMBERplus neXt – Sawn Timber desktop system.

‘What happens if I have added an extra board by mistake’ there is an edit button next to each board added which brings you into a new screen where you can edit the dimensions of the board or remove this board from the log.

The salespeople can use the app to search for logs and see the boards in detail, once they have been graded by the warehouse. You can start the selling process of logs/boards from this application, by searching for a log, going into the sales screen and either selecting chosen boards or the whole log, after this they will be brought into a new screen where they can add the sales pallet number, the customer details, the price and the customer log number. Once saved the log will be reserved for that customer in the neXt desktop system where the order process will continue, this is part of our new product neXt – ERP, more details will follow.

‘What happens if the customer changes there mind and wants another log?’ not to worry the reservation can be removed in the desktop system.

The app requires a TIMBERplus system, Wi-Fi coverage, on premises server and a licence for it to work and comes with a trial period before purchase. Training can be arranged on site, on Skype or we have ‘How to’ guide’s and Workflow processes on our TIMBERplus WIKI page.

This app is free to download from the App store and you will be able to find the links on our website.

Look out for further blogs about new products, features and hardware – Can’t wait till then? Visit our website which provides basic details of each product or contact us to discuss these further.

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