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New Product TIMBERplus – One – Stock info

This is aOne Stock Info Logon existing App which has been very popular over the last 6 years. We decided to update this App as technology has moved on, enabling us to create a better App incorporating customer’s ideas with far more sharing options.

The One – Stock info App, is for Sales staff to use when their on and off site, the App allows you to take your veneer warehouse with you including pictures. You can search stock matching your customer’s criteria to find the best logs for them, browse the pictures attached to the logs and choose which ones to send with the tallies.

The App requires a WIFI/VPN connection to be able to get the whole of your veneer warehouse and pictures onto your devise.

‘How will the customer know which log is which bundle in the pictures?’ We brand the pictures sent with the tallies with the log and bundle numbers that they coincide with.

‘CaOne_StockInfo_Basketn I send more than 1 tally at a time?’ Yes our App has a new Basket feature, search for the logs that match your customers requirements and add it to the basket. Keep searching until you have everything then go into your basket to send this to your customer.

‘A lot of my customers prefer to communicate via other platforms such as WhatsApp, can you only email this?’ Unlike the old App where you could only send this via email we now use the new share button on smart phones which enables you to send the tallies and pictures over multiple platforms including WhatsApp.

A note for all customers with the old Mobile – Stock Info Application, please contact us for an update and licence reset before trying to use the new App. You will get this new App at no extra cost.

In order for this App to work you will need a TIMBERplus system, WIFI/VPN connection, on premises server and a licence.

This App is free to download from the App store and the links can be found on our website. Currently this has been released to download in the Apple App store and is available in German and English. Further releases for other operating systems and/or languages will follow upon request.

There is a flexible training options with this App, it can be done on site, or we now offer training sessions in our office in Hamburg. We also have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus WIKI page as well as phone, email and remote support available after the training is complete.

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