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one-veneer-retailNew Product TIMBERplus – One – Veneer Retail

This is an App that has been requested by yourselves for the sale of veneer to your retail customers. It allows your sales staff to sell veneer to your onsite customers while the warehouse staff can pack veneer for your commercial customers.

The One – Veneer Retail App is for the direct sale of veneer from the warehouse. This is a multiplatform App and works with our iPod Touch Handheld device which come with a Bluetooth scanner as well as a protective rubber case to make it more robust for use in the warehouse. It can also be used on your Apple Phone, however we would suggest to purchase a Bluetooth scanning device to go with this as the Apple Camera is not as quick/good at decoding veneer barcodes.

The App requires a WIFI/VPN connection in order for it to work as it talks directly to your desktop version. It works by selecting the customer from a list the selecting the appropriate order number (if one has previously been created) or create a new order.

The App has two different packing modes, ‘log’ where you can pack all bundles from the log in one go or ‘bundle’ mode where you can scan a bundle to bring up the log details and then scan the bundles you’re selling to the customer.

The App automatically creates order position lines based on species and sales price. So you can spend more time with your customers rather than on admin tasks! You can even print sales documents straight from the App (if you have a Bluetooth enabled LaserJet printer) or switch to the desktop version to do this.

‘What happens if I input the incorrect position price?’ Not to worry this can be easily fix, go to the incorrect position, tap on the log and edit the price, once saved the App will automatically move this to the correct position line or if there is not one available will create a new position line.

‘Quite often I need to measure back veneer for retail customers, do I have to change to the desktop version for this?’ No there is an option in the App to measure back sheets, width and lengths, simply scan the log to pack it to a position line, then tap on the log to bring up a new screen where you can measure back veneer.

In order for this App to work you will need a TIMBERplus system, Wi-Fi/VPN connection, on premises server and a licence.

This App is free to download from the App store and the links can be found on our website. Currently this has been released to download in the Apple App store and is available in German and English. Further releases for other operating systems and/or languages will follow upon request.

There is a flexible training options with this App, it can be done on site, remotely, or we now offer training sessions in our office in Hamburg. We also have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus WIKI page as well as phone and email support available after the training is complete.

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