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New Product TIMBERplus One – Video
New Product TIMBERplus One – Video
20. September 2022

New Product TIMBERplus One – Video

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From the beginning of the pandemic, we understood the struggle of not being able to travel and visit customers. The frustration to find ways of showing your products without face-to-face interaction. We all were unsure about what and how this would affect our businesses, and how we could adapt to this new way of living. Well, at TIMBERplus we knew we had to move fast and find a solution to solve at least some part of these issues. That’s how the TIMBERplus One – Video app was developed.

Knowing how happy our customers are with the One Camera app, we thought of developing another to make them even happier. One that at the same time, it would make baring with the pandemic limitations much easier.

TIMBERplus One – Video is designed for the warehouse or Sales staff since it gives them the freedom to take videos with their handheld devices and attach them to the Veneer bundle, Veneer log, Veneer sample, Sawn Timber log, or Layon/Layon batch via WIFI.

To start using the App you just have to select your mode and scan the barcode. Then record the video or choose one from your device’s camera roll and save it.

It’s important to mention that this App requires WIFI/VPN connection, to be able to link the videos with the items in the system.



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– How can I become an expert using this App?

We offer flexible training options for this App. You can make it on-site, or we now offer training sessions in our office in Hamburg. We also have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus Support Portal page as well as phone, and email. Remote support is also available (after the training is complete). Also, we have video-based training in our TIMBERplus academy which will become available soon.



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