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New Product TIMBERplus – One – Log Purchase

Log Purchase Blog

As promised in our December Blog regarding us being featured in the Furnier 2017 magazine our first Blogs of the year would be about the products mentioned in the article that we haven’t blogged about yet. The One – Log Purchase App is for the offline purchase of Logs straight from the forest, it is…

New Product TIMBERplus – One – Veneer Sample


Our next product we would like to talk about is one that has been requested by yourselves asking for a program for Veneer samples. So… your wish is our command! We are happy to introduce you to our new TIMBERplus One -Veneer Sample app which has been developed with your requirements in mind. One –…

Feature in the Furnier 2017 Magazine

Sawn Timber sales

We are proud to be featured in the furnier 2017 magazine on pages 100 – 106. I have attached the article for those of you who wish to read it… and for those of you (like myself) that cannot read German then don’t feel like you’re missing out as this is a recap on previous…

New Product TIMBERplus – One – Veneer Offer


As promised in our previous Blog we will be letting you know in detail about our new products. This week we will be talking to you about the TIMBERplus One -Veneer Offer app. This app is for the creation and administration of veneer offers, with this multiplatform app you won’t have the task of deciding…

New Product TIMBERplus – One – Sawn Timber Stocktake


We have added our sixth product to our new TIMBERplus – One range. The App Is called One – Sawn Timber Stocktake and has just become available for download today! This is a multiplatform application and can work on Windows 10 desktop and mobile, iOS and Android, giving you a wide range of devices to…