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We are official ecoDMS re-sellers
We are official ecoDMS re-sellers
12. August 2022

Do you spend hours searching for documents in between your paper files or on your computer, not finding what you need?

Do you struggle to implement processes into your business that provide traceability and compliance? Would you like to have solutions that work together to make your processes more agile?

Well, good news! We don’t want you to struggle with these issues, we want you to have simpler and more agile processes. That’s why TIMBERplus has been certified as official ecoDMS re-seller. With this we strive to improve your daily business life, while maximizing ecoDMS functionalities in combination with our own system, TIMBERplus. .

We are very excited because we are confident this document management system will make your business life easier, by having all documents in the same location.

So, let us tell you how you will benefit from this DMS

Firstly, ecoDMS has many perks, but one that we are very happy about is that more than one person can access the file at the same time from different locations. When using this function, the system will show you the changes and who has made them. Providing you more transparency and eliminating unnecessary double work. In addition, you can access it from any type of device, which allows you to work on the move from your mobile, computer, or anywhere.

As mentioned before, spending hours searching for documents will become a thing of the past. Now you can find all your documents and information organized in this ecoDMS. Imagine, it’s just as simple as using Google, but for your documents. Just type something and it will pop in your results.

If you are still thinking this is not enough, when you save a document, it will automatically be full-text indexed, classified, and archived. So, if you search for a specific word or number, the automatic text recognition will show you this result. Which means no more wasted time!

TIMBERplus ecoDMS reseller

If  you are still not convinced of all the benefits that come with ecoDMS…

When using this tool, you no longer have to worry about losing documents. Since in compliance with the law and auditing requirements this solution includes a professional backup and recovery system, to keep all you data safe.

Last but not least, with this tool you are also helping the environment, since everything is digital. So you will reduce paper consumption and storage space to a minimum.

If you want to know the full list of features and benefits you can get from ecoDMS and how you can maximize the potential of it in combination with TIMBERplus solutions, contact us! We’ll gladly give you more information about it.