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New Product TIMBERplus – One – Sawmill Infeed
New Product TIMBERplus – One – Sawmill Infeed
30. August 2019

New Product TIMBERplus – One – Sawmill Infeed

One Sawmill Infeed logoAs we value the input of our customers when developing an app, we have once again heed to the request of our cherished customers to bring you the One-Sawmill Infeed.

The App is an infeed to the Sawmill which helps to scan the logs in the correct sequence. This creates a list of scanned logs for the user in the flitching terminal to know the next 5 in a queue.

We developed this as a multiplatform application and can work on Windows 10 desktop, iOS and Android devices, giving you a wide range of devices to use this with. It works with our iPod Touch Handheld device which comes with a Bluetooth scanner as well as a protective rubber case to make it more robust for use in a production environment. It also works with our new Zebra Production device with built in scanner. Both devices have a manual mode for when the label isn’t scannable.


‘What if you have two Infeed lines, can you use the app at the same time?’

The One-Sawmill Infeed can be use on more than one infeed line. For instance, if you have two infeed’s (Infeed A and B), point the App to infeed A and another App to infeed B with no interference between the apps.

‘What happens if something goes out of sequence?’

Don’t worry, re-scan from the error sequence into the right sequence if you miss a log. If you logout because there is a shift change, the next shift can still see the details from the previous shift.

One SawmillInfeed MainHow the App Works

For this app to work you will need a TIMBERplus system, Wi-Fi connection on premises server and a licence.

The App is cost effective for our customers, free to download from the app store and the links can be found on our website. The App has only been released to download in the Apple App store. Further releases will follow upon request.

There are flexible training options with this App, on site, on Skype or we have a ‘How to’ guide on our TIMBERplus WIKI page.

Please look out for further blogs about products, hardware and new developments – in the meantime look at our website  which will provide you with basic information on all our products. If you have any questions or would like more details please do not hesitate to contact ourselves and will be glad to discuss this with you.