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Reducing our CO2 Footprint
Reducing our CO2 Footprint
6. April 2022

Reducing our CO2 Footprint

At TIMBERplus, we are very conscious of the environmental issues our planet is facing. We believe everyone can help slow this down in their own way. No matter how big or small their actions are because in the end, Earth is everyone’s home and responsibility.

We are aware of the impact the travel industry has on our environment, especially of the emissions created by planes. TIMBERplus being a company with customers worldwide, had to take action and try to reduce its CO2 footprint created. For this reason, we decided to find a way to counteract this travelling impact and joined Lufthansa’s Compensaid service to reduce the climate effect of our activities. Option available when buying a Lufthansa flight, that allows you to keep track on your travel activities and carbon emissions.

How Compensaid works to reduce our CO2 footprint?

Compensaid supports sustainable travel, and contributes to CO2 mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies worldwide. Together with different partners like tour operators, airlines and airports they find solutions to balance the effects of travel due to business and personal affairs. Since there is no real solution yet to completely eliminate it, Compensaid focuses on projects that help compensate for it.

The programs focus is not only reducing CO2 emissions, but to support the creation of sustainable projects by transferring technology and fighting poverty at the same time. Promoting the use of Solar Energy and helping build efficient cookstoves in locations where they are needed. As well as, promoting the usage of sustainable energy such as hydropower and wind energy.

Along with this actions, they use Sustainable Aviation Fuel on their flights, a fossil-based jet fuel produced in a sustainable process. It reduces carbon emissions up to 80%  since it reuses and reabsorbs carbon. Therefore, its their aim that some day petroleum crude oil can be replaced.

We consider these efforts are a good way of balancing our impact and creating solutions that can improve the situation while fighting other issues. We invite you to join us and think of small actions you can do, to help reduce your impact.

With this in mind, if you’d like to read more about Compensaid’s work, visit their website on the following link: