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Efficiency in Wood Industry Sales - TIMBERplus CRM Integration Demo

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Discover how this specialized CRM integration for the wood industry empowers you to:

Access comprehensive customer data from anywhere with ease.

Never miss important opportunities or lose track of quotes.

Easily locate addresses on mobile devices.

Prevent inventory issues and ensure product availability

Integrate with TIMBERplus for uninterrupted sales operations.

Optional PhoneSystem integration for deeper sales insights

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CRM customer relations

Don't Let Your Data Go to Waste

Having valuable contact information is just the first step. But are you making the most out of it?


Managing your data without a CRM can lead to:

Unorganized information.

■ Increased costs by having to use multiple tools instead of only one 

■ Uncertainty in choosing which leads or prospects to focus on.


Businesses using CRM systems have reported an average increase in sales of 29%.  An increase of 36% in customer satisfaction and reduced manual data entry by 40% through workflow automation.

Beyond software limitations – our comprehensive 360-degree customer view transforms sales optimization and fortifies industry relationships

Discover the Ultimate Solution to Unlock Seamless Sales & Marketing Advancements

The wood industry CRM integration for TIMBERplus users

CRM 360 view

  360° Perspective

With a holistic view of accounts, covering sales history, quotes, invoices, touchpoints, visit reports, and phone calls.

CRM Empower insights

Unleash Your Full Potential

Take your business to the next level with streamlined operations and enhanced insights. 

Elevate your business efforts to the next level!

Wait No More to Boost Your Business Efficiency

Streamline customer crm operations icon

Streamlined Operations ​

Streamline, automate, and consolidate customer data for fast and efficient operations.

Customer CRM insights icon

Crafted Customer Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interactions to make personalized strategies.

Boost revenue CRM icon

Unlock Sales Potential, Boost Revenue

Handle leads, nurture relationships, and track sales effortlessly.

Seamless talk CRM icon

Seamless Timber Talk

Facilitate easy communication within teams, departments, and customers. Ensure everyone stays informed and aligned.

Customer service icon

Responsive and Effective Customer Service

Enhance customer support with ticketing, case management, and efficient resolution tracking.

CRM tech icon

On-the-Go Timber Tech

Access information and functionalities on-the-go, providing empowerment for task management and decision-making.

But Wait, There’s More.

With us, it’s not just about ending sales worries; you gain more than just a solution.

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