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TIMBERplus feature in Furnier Magazine 2021
TIMBERplus feature in Furnier Magazine 2021
27. December 2021

TIMBERplus feature in Furnier Magazine 2021

We are pleased to announce TIMBERplus article feature in the Furnier Magazine 2021 on Pages 88 – 93. We invite you to read the article in German in the link below.

Furnier Magazine 2021


For our TIMBERplus English speaking customers, we have created a summary of our feature on Furnier Magazine 2021 in English. In this article, we talked about the challenges during COVID times. The difficulties our customers faced with the travel restrictions to present and sell their products.

However, these challenges pushed our creativity to create many new features on our current Apps to make presenting as simple as possible without the customers being able to visit. One of the development for one of the Apps was the new Video feature, which allows the user to record the flipping of veneer bundle on pallet and share the video  on our cloud platform. Finally, after having all this information the user can show the recordings saved on the software to their customers without the need to be present to inspect the quality of the products on site.

In addition, we made a huge leap forward on our Apps for Sawn Timber. As a result, our customers were able to increase their efficiency, without the need of pausing their businesses because of unexpected changes.


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