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First Web-Based App: Cloud – Veneer Purchase
First Web-Based App: Cloud – Veneer Purchase
5. April 2023

New Product: TIMBERplus first Web-based App: Cloud – Veneer Purchase

At TIMBERplus we are continuously thinking about developing new solutions that make your everyday activities more efficient and practical. Thinking of ways how we could offer you a solution that will improve your user experience we have developed our TIMBERplus first Web-based App: Cloud – Veneer Purchase.

We are very excited about the advantages that come for our users with the Cloud – Veneer Purchase App. Firstly, being developed as a web application means that it can be accessed from any web browser. This makes it easier for everyone to work with it from any device at any place. So no need to stand still on one device, as long as you have an internet connection.

Cloud Veneer Purchase app 1

But that’s not it! The Cloud – Veneer Purchase App will be especially convenient for your sales team and warehouse staff, due to its features for forecasting sales effortlessly. This solution makes it particularly uncomplicated to make changes, like prices, costs, and many other details.

Once you make changes to the data, the results are updated automatically making it easier to set predictions or recalculate to make the desired profits. Furthermore, to make everything even more practical, you can set the predictions for each of the pallets and bundles and see the calculation immediately, as the solution will solve the hard stuff for you.



What happens if I need to renegotiate a cost?

Its very easy. Make the changes to the accepted cost, the information will be automatically updated. Now you can send your new offer.

Cloud Veneer Purchase app 2

Can the Cloud – Veneer Purchase App be used from any web browser?

Yes, for your convenience the Cloud – Veneer Purchase App is supported by all web browsers.

What information is displayed on the Purchase Event overview?

In the overview you will find: Purchase Nr., Supplier, Purchase Date, Area, List Cost, Accepted Cost, Estimated Sale Price, List %, Accepted %, Target %, and Status of the event.

Are predictions set for each log or for a whole collection?

Both, you can see the profit margin for each log, as well as the total prediction for the whole collection.


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