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TIMBERplus Log Sale App
TIMBERplus Log Sale App
30. March 2022

TIMBERplus Log Sale App

Working at a log yard can be complicated, it’s not only the physical work that one must put up with but also the struggle of climate conditions, like rain and cold that makes it harder.

TIMBERplus Log Sale App was created thinking of the staff working at the log yards. Previously, they had to handwrite the inventory and sale lists of logs during all types of weather conditions and then spend more time rewriting them on a computer.

With the TIMBERplus Log Sale App creating a log overview is simple and done more efficiently.

TIMBERplus Log Sale App

It can be a struggle to use tools that need internet connection to work properly, especially in log yards, where many do not have enough internet coverage. However, with this App the user can create log sales lists directly on a device (iPhone, Android, Windows 10 desktop) by scanning the logs sold directly at the log yard, to afterwards synchronise them to the TIMBERplus System. In addition, one of the main advantages of this app is the ability of scanning the logs while offline, giving the user more freedom for its use and reach.

If you are in an area where there is no internet coverage, the first step is to synchronise the data from your TIMBERplus System, so the logs you chose are imported into the offline database of the App. To start a sale you have to enter some data like the information about the buyer and details of the logs in order to make the tracking of the sale easier later on.


You are ready to scan the logs now…

Now that your data is synchronised with the App, you can start selling the desired logs while offline. To prep the logs, you can use the Log Overview screen, that allows you to enter and edit further information. You will find details here such as, the log no., the species, forest no., quality, length among other details.

This list can be easily saved multiple times and edited to add or remove logs until the desired products are chosen.

TIMBERplus Log Sale App

Within the log overview you can find the Log Sale Summary, which consists of 3 parts. On the top part the user can find information like the total average cost in addition to the total and average price.

The second part contains two tabs: Specie and Quality. Here information for different costs and prices can be added and edited. There is also the possibility of making changes like the average unit price for instance.

After filling in the fields, you can share this information in different ways. You can do it by email or by creating a document that will be saved into your device.

Two pdf documents will be saved, one for the customer and one for you.

On the first one, information that concerns the supplier can be found. Such as the price of purchase of the logs and the price of sale. Whereas in the customer document only information of their concern will be included. Information like price, species, quality, length among other.

Once the user is satisfied with the information on the Log Sale document, the synchronise button can be turned on. This information will now be uploaded in the TIMBERplus System.

Staff on the log yards is now satisfied with the TIMBERplus Log Sale App, since the process for creating sales logs have been simplified. This has helped them save time and effort that can be applied to other tasks.



Some of our customers had some questions, so we answered them here for our current users and our future ones.

TIMBERplus Log Sale app-What would happen if the information entered its incorrect or has a typo? Well, we tell you not to worry! The TIMBERplus System has a pre sales screen that allows the administrator to correct any mistake or typo.

-Is it possible to make changes on the information loaded when the logs are scanned to match your customer requirements? Yes, you can! The App allows you to make changes to the numbers displayed on the log overview. For example, if you need to adjust the prices for a specific customer or  change the diameter of the logs.

– How can I become an expert using this App? We offer flexible training options for this App. You can make it on site, or we now offer training sessions in our office in Hamburg. We also have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus Support Portal page as well as phone, email. A remote support is also available (after the training is complete). Also, we have a video based training in our TIMBERplus academy which will become available soon.



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