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TIMBERplus One – Log Yard Manager
TIMBERplus One – Log Yard Manager
15. June 2022

New product TIMBERplus One – Log Yard Manager

Log Yard Manager logoDo you ever think about how much time the yard Manager spends going back to the computer to change incorrect information previously entered? Or how many times this has been left for later and that later never arrives, so the information stays incorrect in your system? Thinking about this issue we developed the TIMBERplus One – Log Yard Manager App. This solution will allow the yard Manager to make immediate changes easier, since so much information can be edited directly from the device.

On the device, there are different ways to start editing the information: one is by searching the log in the search menu. This is particularly helpful, for example, with logs that have no tags. The second option is by scanning the log. After this, all the information previously entered will be displayed.

Directly on this screen you can edit information like:

  • TIMBERplus log yard managerProduction Quality: to change the grades, like from grade A to B
  • Status: the user can choose from the different statuses like Outstanding, in Stock, in production, or process
  • Product type: for example, if it should be made veneer
  • Species: in case the species set its incorrect
  • Places / Pat: change pat to find it easier later on
  • Timber no./ Forest no.: in case of typos user can correct this information
  • Production and length
  • Split log: to specify the no. of splits and provide a different no. to each
  • Tag number
  • Scrap log: user can identify a log as scrap and enter in the system the reasons for it

These are just a few of the possible changes the user can do with a simple action, with the One – Log Yard Manager. However, over time we keep on adding more options to be edited from here too, to make tasks more efficient.

Once the information on all desired fields is edited you can see the instant changes in your system. These changes are done automatically, eliminating the risk of any mismatches of information from your computer to the device.

Now there is no time wasted by going back to the desk and rewriting every change. More importantly, all the information will be correct everywhere at all times.



– Does the device needs to be connected to the internet to synchronize the information? Yes, the device must be connected to the internet to save the changes made immediately.

– How can I become an expert using this App? We offer flexible training options for this App. You can make it on-site, or we now offer training sessions in our office in Hamburg. We also have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus Support Portal page as well as phone, and email remote support is also available (after the training is complete). Also, we have video-based training in our TIMBERplus academy which will become available soon.


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