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New Product TIMBERplus – One – Veneer Press
New Product TIMBERplus – One – Veneer Press
9. September 2022

New Product TIMBERplus One – Veneer Press

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Do you mark logs as pressed for your clients? or as a production requirement? then we got you covered. We have something new for our Veneer Press customers. The One -Veneer Press app is a new addition to the TIMBERplus family, One Veneer Sample, and One-Sales Preparation app which works together to make it easy to mark your logs as “to be pressed”

This is an App for veneer production and for customers with a press who want to mark logs as pressed as a request from their customers or a general production requirement. This App works in conjunction with our other Apps One – Veneer Sample and One – Sales Preparation to mark the log as ‘to be pressed’


What is the main purpose of this app?

The TIMBERplus One – Veneer Press App is for the administration of logs going through the press, with an added bonus of also being a production data acquisition App. In addition to its great feature, this is a multiplatform App and works with our iPad Production Terminal which comes with a Bluetooth scanner as well as a protective metal case to make it more robust for use in the warehouse, so you don’t have to stress yourself.

Do I need a WIFI connection to use this app?

Yes, the App requires a WIFI/VPN connection for it to work, as it connects directly to your desktop version. Using it is very easy. Just scan the log barcode and you are done.

How the App Works

One Veneer Press screen

There are 3 statuses that the app will display

1) ‘To be Pressed’ – meaning this should be at the press and has been marked as ‘to be pressed’.

2) ‘Pressed’ – This means that the log has already gone through the press and therefore doesn’t need to be pressed again.

3) ‘Do not Press’ meaning this has not been marked as to be pressed and there doesn’t need pressing.

This App also records the performance of an individual or team through the log-in screen.

This App is free to download from the App store and the links can be found on our website. Currently, this has been released to download in the Apple App store and is available in German and English. Further releases for other operating systems and/or languages will follow upon request.

One Veneer Press screen

  • We offer flexible training options for this App. We have ‘How to’ guides on our TIMBERplus Support Portal page as well as by phone and remote support is also available (after the training is complete). In addition, we have video-based training in our TIMBERplus academy which will become available soon.

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