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Booking meetings with TIMBERplus made easy
Booking meetings with TIMBERplus made easy
17. March 2023

Booking meetings with TIMBERplus made easy

We know that it can be hard to find a free time slot on your agenda and that trying to coordinate with someone else’s calendar makes it harder. Even more when you have to wait for confirmation from the other party.

To make this easier for everyone we have a new booking tool. Thanks to this great tool, all the struggle for finding time to meet is gone, since once you choose a slot it’s confirmed immediately.

We invite you to try our new tool!


It’s very easy to book a meeting with this booking tool…

Booking a meeting with us is very simple. Now there is no need to send us an email and wait for a reply, to then try to find a time slot that fits both parties.

We have created different types of meetings to make it easier for everyone. Within our tool you will find 3 different types to suit your needs:

  • Initial Free Meeting:

Thought for the newcomers interested on knowing more about TIMBERplus, our solutions, products, and how we can help them tackle some obstacles through digital transformation. You can book an initial meeting, and if needed a software demo afterward as well.

  • Book an Online Training

Directed to our existing customers. Here a paid session can be book to get a training for one of the solutions they already have. We will make sure to help with all concerns and doubts.

  • Meeting at an Event

Here you can find the events we are planning to attend. If you will be at the same event or fair, this is a great chance to meet.


Once you choose the option that fits you the best, follow the link and enter the information and choose a date of your preference.  The available time slots you can choose from will show immediately.

Choose one that fits your agenda and click confirm, you will immediately receive an email confirming our meeting.

You can even add this to your calendar directly from this confirmation email. For us, too this slot will be automatically blocked for you.


Probably now you are wondering, where will I find the link every time I need it? Easy!

You just need to go to our  TIMBERplus website and in the top menu bar go to Services and go to Book a Meeting, or just scroll down the main page an you will find it at the bottom. From there you can choose what type of meeting fits you the best and start the booking process described before.