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Mobile – Sawn Timber Tally

Mobile – Sawn Timber Tally

The Mobile Sawn Timber Tally App is for recording Sawn Timber batches for the buyer. Create a batch and assign a number to the batch, with a short description. Individual boards from every log are recorded for each batch. You can store for each log species, specifications, qualities, dried, steamed and trimmed details. Unlike our other applications this is the only one that can work without a TIMBERplus system.


  • More flexibility with being able to use the app anywhere in the warehouse
  • Save time not having to write the tallies by hand
  • Save time not having to return to your computer to type up the tallies
  • Quick input feature for board dimensions no need to retype all details
  • Comes with a free trial period
  • Send tallies directly from the App to your customer



  • Production of Sawn Timber tallies for customers
  • Email tally details
  • Works with neXt – Sawn Timber
  • Measuring of Sawn Timber boards
  • Amend and remove logs or boards with the edit feature on the App
  • Ability to delete previous batches



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