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One – Machine Selection

TIMBERplus Machine Selection LogoOne – Machine Selection

The One – Machine Selection App is for the production data acquisition for Layon Production. Login by shift and user/team, to allow productivity to be analysed user-based. Scan the production order, then select the destination splicer. This App can interface with conveyors for the sending of the Veneer to the correct splicer. Moreover, the App allows you to work on more than one order/send to more than one splicer at a time.  In addition, by scanning the production order again and the App will automatically switch to the correct splicer.



  • No need to decide what platform to use this on as it works for all, Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android
  • Make your company more efficient by decreasing time spent on admin task
  • Accurate recording of Veneer production orders
  • Time saving quick Login mode
  • Save time the app links with our integrated scanning devices, no manual input required
  • Can work on more than one production order/send to more than one joiner



  • Ability to use Bluetooth scanner
  • Manual input feature for unreadable barcodes
  • Automatic adding of the Veneer to the production order – no need to pack
  • Synchronises with your TIMBERplus data base
  • Automatic Production Order label print for the Joiner


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