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Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners are scanning devices. You can attach them to your desktop computer or terminal. They are integrated with our Classic and neXt lines.

We recognize several types of scanner’s with different cost ranges.

Cordless Scanner:

This scanner gives you the freedom to walk around the warehouse and scan items without being restricted by a cord. It comes with a docking base to charge the scanner. In addition, it has a one scan or continuous scan feature as well as a colour feature to check the item has scanned in high noise areas where sound cannot be heard.

Corded Scanner:

This scanner is ideal for warehouse where you can bring the products a specific area for grading or selling. Also, there are a range of different cords that you can purchase with this product ranging from 6ft to 12ft. It has a one scan or continuous scan feature. Moreover, it features a color identifier to know the item has been scanned in high noise areas where sound cannot be heard. It is able to read barcodes from up to 1m away.

Industrial Scanner:

This scanner is the chosen scanner to use with our forklift solution. It has a scan range of 1.6m giving you the ability to scan pallets whilst operating the forklift. However, it is more robust than the other scanners and is drop resistant up to 2 metres. Moreover, there is also a loud beeper for good read feedback, as well as the colour feature for high noise areas. Lastly it can withstand extreme environmental conditions without affecting its performance.





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