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neXt – ERP

neXt – ERP (new product)

Timber Sales Software

Standard ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Timber Sales Software system for TIMBERplus, specifically designed for the Timber industry with modules for Veneer, Layon, Panel, Sawn Timber and Log. With a newly developed offer and order system which also works with our One range, enabling multiple products to be sent in one document.



  • Designed for the special requirements of the timber industry
  • Deliver a higher level of customer service with more efficient sales processes
  • Reduce costs by supporting purchasing and warehouse processes
  • Improve sales processes by tracking offers and orders
  • Improve relationships with your customers and suppliers by using common interfaces
  • Achieve better cost control with greater visibility into parcel cost price and accurate inventory valuation



  • Sales Invoices
  • Reporting
  • Offer/Quote administration including email function
  • Order Administration
  • Offer Administration


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