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One – Pallet

TIMBERplus pallet logoOne – Pallet

The One – Pallet App is for the administration of Veneer Pallets. This works with your TMBERplus Sales system, simply create a sales pallet and once you have finished packaging it according for delivery put it onto the scales. Either scan or manually type in the pallet number. Input the weight, length, width and height using either the metric or imperial measurement system and press save for the details to be added you TIMBERplus Sales system ready for the printing of the documentation. 



  • More flexibility with being able to use the App anywhere with its offline feature
  • No need to decide what platform to use this on as it works for all, Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android
  • No longer a need for the duplicate of work the App does it for you
  • Save time the app links with our integrated scanning devices, no manual input required
  • More efficient warehouse process
  • Use either the metric or imperial System and TIMBERplus will change the weight to your customers preferred  measurement system no need to manually convert



  • Ability to use Bluetooth scanner
  • Manual input feature for unreadable barcodes
  • Pallet dimensions input
  • Easily identify by scan
  • Synchronises with your TIMBERplus data base
  • 1.4.1 Added time stamp to the sample section
  • 1.6.0 Added information 2 field in so a remark can be added from the App





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