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TIMBERplus - Timber Software

TIMBERplus – a comprehensive timber software system initially for the Veneer trade which has been extended to include modules for Layon, Panel, Sawn Timber and Log, with further extensions to be released. We produce market leading software with an unrivalled support system, enabling customers to rely on TIMBERplus for their current and future software needs.

Latest News

Mapping the Future of Wood Compliance with Geolocation
27. November 2023
Streamline Compliance with TIMBERplus: A Geolocation Upgrade for Enhanced Wood Industry Traceability   In response to the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), the Wood Industry is undergoing transformative changes. Compliance with these regulations demands innovative tools, and at TIMBERplus, we’re at the forefront of this evolution. Our latest upgrade to the TIMBERplus – Log Purchase...

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EUDR: Complying with the requirements
25. October 2023
We have been learning more about the EUDR and what the regulation will include. Here is how we can help you tackle the changes. In our last post we gave you an overview on the focus of the EUDR. By now you know, it will force companies to have a clear traceability of the wood. As...

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Have you heard of the new EUDR regulations on wood products?
20. September 2023
Do you know about the drastic changes on orders that involve importing, exporting, or placing wood in the European Union? Are you prepared to adapt your daily business to the changes? If you have not dived deep into the regulation yet, don’t worry! At TIMBERplus we are one step ahead and ready to guide you...

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TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration Solution
26. May 2023
TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration As you might remember, some months ago we became officially ecoDMS resellers. Back then, we gave you an introduction to all the benefits that come with such a Document Management System. Now we are happy to let you know that we have our TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration up and running. You might already...

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