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TIMBERplus - Timber Software

TIMBERplus – a comprehensive timber software system initially for the Veneer trade which has been extended to include modules for Layon, Panel, Sawn Timber and Log, with further extensions to be released. We produce market leading software with an unrivalled support system, enabling customers to rely on TIMBERplus for their current and future software needs.

Latest News

TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration Solution
26. May 2023
TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration As you might remember, some months ago we became officially ecoDMS resellers. Back then, we gave you an introduction to all the benefits that come with such a Document Management System. Now we are happy to let you know that we have our TIMBERplus ecoDMS Integration up and running. You might already...

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Cloud-based ecosystem: TIMBERplus HUB
19. April 2023
We are always happy to share with you different projects we have in continuous development at TIMBERplus. On this occasion, it’s one that our Team member Abdul is working on as part of his Master’s Thesis. Abdul Rehman, originally from Pakistan came to Germany to study a Master’s Degree in Automotive Software Engineering at the...

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First Web-Based App: Cloud – Veneer Purchase
5. April 2023
New Product: TIMBERplus first Web-based App: Cloud – Veneer Purchase At TIMBERplus we are continuously thinking about developing new solutions that make your everyday activities more efficient and practical. Thinking of ways how we could offer you a solution that will improve your user experience we have developed our TIMBERplus first Web-based App: Cloud –...

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Booking meetings with TIMBERplus made easy
17. March 2023
Booking meetings with TIMBERplus made easy We know that it can be hard to find a free time slot on your agenda and that trying to coordinate with someone else’s calendar makes it harder. Even more when you have to wait for confirmation from the other party. To make this easier for everyone we have...

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