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Our team specializes in developing a customized ERP system tailored exclusively for the Wood Industry, with a focus on Logs, Veneers, Sawn Timber, Layons, and Edgebanding. We’re dedicated to optimizing processes of businesses of all sizes worldwide, within these key sectors. By implementing our solution, we provide invaluable insights into your purchase, inventory, production, and sales workflows. Our goal is to equip your company with a comprehensive and specialized platform that not only streamlines operations but also offers precise, industry-specific tools. This facilitates informed decision-making based on reliable data, laying a robust foundation for your business’s growth and success.

If you are facing challenges managing customer relationships

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Access comprehensive customer data from anywhere with ease.

Never miss important opportunities or lose track of quotes.

Easily locate addresses on mobile devices.

Prevent inventory issues and ensure product availability.

Integrate with TIMBERplus for uninterrupted sales operations.

Optional PhoneSystem integration for deeper sales insights.

CRM customer relations

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Latest News

Why Implementing a CRM System is Essential for Wood Businesses?
22. March 2024
TIMBERplus CRM Integration: A Game-Changer for Efficiency and Growth In the dynamic world of wood businesses, from log yards to intricate furniture manufacturers, the significance of customer relationship management (CRM) systems cannot be overstated. Embracing modernization through CRM implementation is not just a choice but a necessity for achieving sustainable growth, enhancing customer satisfaction, and...

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EUDR Decoded: A recap of our webinars
16. February 2024
A recap of our EUDR Focused Webinars and innovations for compliance. In the second week of February, we hosted two enlightening webinars dedicated to the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) in the TIMBERplus Academy. It was very exciting to witness the participation of familiar faces from across the globe, all eager to delve deeper into the...

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BSS featuring in HK Magazine – Furnier Special
14. February 2024
This month we had an article featuring in the HK Magazin- Furnier Special We are happy to share with you our article “Robust tools for greater Efficiency”. We spoke about BSS Business Software Solutions – TIMBERplus on-going commitment to tackle real-world challenges within the wood industry. For all our english speaking audience, we have made...

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Mapping the Future of Wood Compliance with Geolocation
27. November 2023
Streamline Compliance with TIMBERplus: A Geolocation Upgrade for Enhanced Wood Industry Traceability   In response to the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), the Wood Industry is undergoing transformative changes. Compliance with these regulations demands innovative tools, and at TIMBERplus, we’re at the forefront of this evolution. Our latest upgrade to the TIMBERplus – Log Purchase...

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