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TIMBERplus - Timber Software

TIMBERplus – a comprehensive timber software system initially for the Veneer trade which has been extended to include modules for Layon, Panel, Sawn Timber and Log, with further extensions to be released. We produce market leading software with an unrivalled support system, enabling customers to rely on TIMBERplus for their current and future software needs.

Latest News

New Product TIMBERplus One – Video
20. September 2022
From the beginning of the pandemic, we understood the struggle of not being able to travel and visit customers. The frustration to find ways of showing your products without face-to-face interaction. We all were unsure about what and how this would affect our businesses, and how we could adapt to this new way of living....

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New Product TIMBERplus – One – Veneer Press
9. September 2022
New Product TIMBERplus One – Veneer Press Do you mark logs as pressed for your clients? or as a production requirement? then we got you covered. We have something new for our Veneer Press customers. The One -Veneer Press app is a new addition to the TIMBERplus family, One Veneer Sample, and One-Sales Preparation app...

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New Product TIMBERplus One – Loading  
18. August 2022
New Product TIMBERplus One – Loading By popular request, TIMBERplus has launched a new app called One-Loading. With this app, the processes for checking the goods being loaded into a van, truck, or lorry are made easier. In addition, this will allow you to verify that the correct goods are sent to the correct customer....

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We are official ecoDMS re-sellers
12. August 2022
Do you spend hours searching for documents in between your paper files or on your computer, not finding what you need? Do you struggle to implement processes into your business that provide traceability and compliance? Would you like to have solutions that work together to make your processes more agile?   Well, good news! We...

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