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TIMBERplus - Timber Software

TIMBERplus – a comprehensive timber software system initially for the Veneer trade which has been extended to include modules for Layon, Panel, Sawn Timber and Log, with further extensions to be released. We produce market leading software with an unrivalled support system, enabling customers to rely on TIMBERplus for their current and future software needs.

Latest News

TIMBERplus One – Veneer Stock Info
21. April 2022
Since our old app Mobile Veneer Stock Info had many restrictions for our customers, like the fact that was only available for Android and IOS devices, we had to do something. For this reason, we introduce you to our new One – Veneer Stock Info App. This multiplatform App gives you the freedom to download...

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Reducing our CO2 Footprint
6. April 2022
At TIMBERplus, we are very conscious of the environmental issues our planet is facing. We believe everyone can help slow this down in their own way. No matter how big or small their actions are because in the end, Earth is everyone’s home and responsibility. We are aware of the impact the travel industry has...

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TIMBERplus Log Sale App
30. March 2022
Working at a log yard can be complicated, it’s not only the physical work that one must put up with but also the struggle of climate conditions, like rain and cold that makes it harder. TIMBERplus Log Sale App was created thinking of the staff working at the log yards. Previously, they had to handwrite...

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Making transactions safe
24. March 2022
At TIMBERplus, our customers are the most meaningful part of our culture. Taking care of them and finding ways to prevent inconveniences its very important for us. With that in mind, we have seen an increase of ways fraudulent emails in different industries try to get payments diverted to their accounts. For instance, a while...

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