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Classic – Customer Info

Classic – Customer Info

Veneer Sales Analysis Software

Customer master data administration with Veneer sales Analysis Software overview and customer history. Detailed reports for each individual customer (price, quality) can be printed or automatically sent by e-mail. Manage customer specific remarks, customer grade names, open orders, packed but not delivered orders and set qualities of interest for specific species.



  • Save time with master data input with fields automatically filled out in the order screen e.g. unit, currency, address etc…
  • No need to search through delivery notes and invoices to find customers previous orders, ability to see all customer purchases with a click of a button.
  • Detailed sales overview analysis of the customer’s purchases over the last 2 years.
  • Save time, you can see all the customers open orders, including part delivered and packed but not delivered at a click of a button.
  • Sale’s ranking analysis by species and quality – therefore allowing you to quickly see what customers to offer specific veneer.
  • Function that shows the customer last purchase price by grade and specie and if the price is still valid.



  • Master data display of important customer information, with internal and external notes
  • Detailed sales overview display of sales by preferred criteria
  • Display of customer invoices with the right currency
  • Show all open orders
  • Veneer sales Analysis
  • Display of all purchased qualities by species, including the current inventory.
  • Set preferred or customer designated quality name




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