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Veneer Software Solutions

A complete Veneer software management system for the veneer trade and veneer production that consists of individual modules, resulting in TIMBERplus being individually adaptable for every customer.

The first TIMBERplus module was Classic – Veneer Stock and was started 19 years ago. To this date this is supported and updated by ourselves and used by customers for their Veneer Inventory Management needs.

Our Veneer Software is used by customers of all sizes from one-man bands to international companies. Our customers are situated all over the world Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

We ensure that our system has the special requirements needed for the Veneer Industry within that country. For example we have several modules and Apps for the unclipped industry in the United States.

We continually update our System in line with Customers requests and suggestions. Ensuring that our customers can make use of newly available technologies. This is why we have updated our first range of App’s called our Mobile range – to take into account all the new things available with smart devices. For example better cameras, White balancing, focus, face ID etc..