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One – Veneer Stock Info

Veneer Warehouse Management Application

A Veneer warehouse Management  information App for Veneer. The inventory can be synchronised with the images on the mobile device and can be retrieved online or offline. Filter functions are available to search for specific data with the ability to filter for species, length, width, with/without pictures and multiple qualities. With an integrated email feature for tallies.



  • More flexibility with being able to use the app anywhere with its offline features
  • Ability to take current stock with you when visiting customers
  • Use the ‘fair mode’ with customisable slideshow to present to potential customers at fairs, in public showrooms or in your company lobby, what stock you have available
  • Works on iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad
  • No need to take samples with you, use the App to show pictures of the stock.



  • Mobile warehouse with photos
  • Filters to search for specific logs or pallets
  • Email feature for tally lists
  • Works online and offline
  • Fair mode with automated slide show including company presentation and stock availability