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One – Sawn Timber Dryer

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The One – Sawn Timber Dryer App is for the administration of dryers. Select a Sawn Timber dryer then search logs/pallets by scan/manual input to add/remove them from the dryer with the add/minus mode. Once the log has been removed from the dryer the status of the log will automatically change from air dried to kiln dried.



  • More flexibility with being able to use the App anywhere in the warehouse/yard
  • No need to decide what platform to use this on as it works for all, Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android
  • Save time as the App automatically sends the information back to your main system
  • Increase sales opportunities with being able to identify the logs/pallets in the dryer with a push of a button
  • Save time with being able to see which dryers are empty with the dryer overview
  • Save administration time – no need to write down and type the data into the system, this App does the work for you



  • *New with update 1.2* Ability to see the details of the logs in the dryer not just the pallets
  • Administration of Sawn Timber dryers
  • Easily identify the logs/pallets by scan
  • Works with the neXt – Sawn Timber Stock module
  • Add/Remove logs from the dryer
  • Change status from air dried to kiln dried
  • 1.5.2 Added Automatic cost recording for drying


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