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One – Saw Mill Manager

saw mill manager logoOne – Saw Mill Manager

The One – Saw Mill Manager is a great App for all Saw Mill supervisors to administrate changes for flitches on a handheld device in the Saw Mill rather than having to go back to their desk. You can scan barcodes either with the built-in scanner, camera or manually introduce a flitch number in order to get all the information required. For this App you will need to be sure that you have a good internet connection as it only works online.



  • It can add a reject reason which is especially helpful to partly scrapped flitches
  • Scanning the barcode is possible either with the built-in scanner or with the camera
  • Manage flitches comfortably from a mobile device
  • No need to be always in front of PC
  • Saves time
  • Available to use from IOS and Windows devices



  • Changing thickness
  • Reprinting log label
  • Changing measurement
  • Reprinting sample label
  • Changing no. of slices
  • Changing product type
  • Scraping a flitch
  • Changing production states
  • 1.2.1 Added the ability to change length and change tape


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