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One – Log Stocktake

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The One – Log Stocktake App comes in two modes: Log and Flitch mode. It can also work online and offline. The App synchronises with your TIMBERplus desktop system, to show all logs and flitches found in stock.  The logs are color coded with the same colors as our veneer stocktaking module on our desktop system. If in Offline mode the once you’ve scanned all the logs or flitches to mark them as found, go to the synchronisation screen to send the data to your TIMBERplus desktop system where the administration side of the stock take will be completed. If your in online mode this will be synchronised automatically.



  • Flexibility to find logs without having to worry about a WiFi or VPN connection
  • The App updates the system with the status from to find, to found and not found.
  • Finding logs or flitches quickly by using our Bluetooth scanner, or production hanheld device
  • It is possible to switch between online and offline, however please refer to WIKI before doing this
  • Ability to search logs manually



  • Free to download from the App store
  • Available in German and English
  • It can work on Windows 10 desktop, iOS and Android devices
  • WiFi connection is not necessary: the app can also work offline
  • Multiple training options possible
  • 1.3.1 Added a log scan counter



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