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Licence Types

TIMBERplus – Licence Types

We currently offer four licence types to suit the varied needs of our customers.

Device licence

Bound to a specific Client a device licences allows multiple users to run TIMBERplus on a single device.

Device License image

Named licence

Bound to a specific AD user. The user can run TIMBERplus on as many clients-servers as they want but only one instance-devise can work at a time. The user will not be able to run TIMBERplus on any other PC unless they first Close the previous TIMBERplu session before doing so. If the PC has an additional device licence, the user can use TIMBERplus on this PC.

Named licence image

Concurrent licence

Bound to terminal specific server. As many users as you have concurrent licences for can be logged onto the server. Once a user logs on, the concurrent licence is marked as used, once the user logs off then the licence is marked as free and can be reused by another user.

Concurrent licence

Master/Site licence

Bound to unlimited users per site. Terminal servers and Clients will have Unlimited licences.

Master Site Licence