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Product Lines

TIMBERplus - Classic

Our original TIMBERplus product line for the Veneer trade which is still supported today. This requires an on-premises server to work

TIMBERplus - neXt

The second of our product lines, based on a more modern platform which looks and feels similar to Microsoft office. This has been extended to include not only veneer but Layon, Panel, Sawn Timber and Log. This requires an on premises server to work.

TIMBERplus - Mobile

This is an App based product line with the majority of the Apps for iOS. These Apps are for Veneer, Sawn Timber and is currently being developed for Layon. This requires an on-premises server to work as well as a WIFI or VPN connection.

TIMBERplus - One

Our newest development is our Multiplatform Apps which can work on Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile 10, iOS and Android devices. These Apps are currently for VeneerSawn TimberLog , and Layons but we will be looking to produce further Apps in this format in the future so could be extended to Panel.  This can work with either an on premises Server or our off premises cloud server.

TIMBERplus - Cloud

We have developed a fully based Cloud App – TIMBERplus Edgebanding.  This solution ensures real-time data synchronization for efficient stock management and streamlined production planning.


Our revolutionary ecosystem of cloud-based solutions.