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This App enables mobile devices to scan and retrieve data of timber and veneer logs, veneer pallets, sawn timber hubs / boards and veneer bundles. In addition, it works for timber Logs, Flitches, Sawn Timber and Veneer. Moreover, it replaced the old Mobile Product Info App, which only  worked in some devices and now its a multiplatform application. In addition, through scanning the barcode – data such as product price, dimensions, parcel (mark), certificates and country of origin/ harvest can be retrieved.




  • Firstly, more flexibility with being able to use the app anywhere in the warehouse
  • Save time not having to return to your computer to find out information
  • Works on iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad, Windows Surface go and Android devices
  • Save time the app links with our integrated scanning devices, no manual input required
  • Deliver better customer service with a more efficient warehouse process



  • Find details of log, pallets and bundles by scanning the barcode label
  • Ability to see details for Log, Flitches, Sawn Timber and Veneer
  • Can use the devices camera or our Bluetooth scanner to scan the barcodes
  • Synchronises with your TIMBERplus database
  • Ability to trace your Log production through the system with one app


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