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One – Veneer Sales Prep

One- Veneer sales prep LogoOne- Veneer Sales Prep

The One – Veneer Sales Prep is an App that helps you make sale lists in a faster and easier way. Developed thinking of those moments when an unannounced customer walks into the veneer mill and wants to buy from your inventory. Instead of creating a hand written list and then re entering the data in the computer, this App allows you to create it directly on the device. Start by selecting a customer and proceed to scan the desired logs. After scanning the logs, in the menu you have the ability to select the option for “Press”, as well as if the veneer should be clipped or unclipped. In addition, you can enter more information like the agreed price, or add an stencil or mark the length of the veneer. Once the list is created, the data synchronises with the TIMBERplus System. As simple as that you can now continue with your sales process!



  • No need to retype information on the computer
  • Allows the user to enter data directly on the App
  • Make your company more efficient
  • Flexibility with being able to use the app anywhere in the warehouse



  • Easily scan logs to add in sales list
  • To press and to clip option for the log
  • Option to adjust price directly from device
  • Ability to add an stencil
  • Ability to mark the length of veneer
  • Synchronises with your TIMBERplus data base
  • 1.3.1 Added the ability to sell in half cent and quarter cent






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