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One – Log Sale

TIMBERplus Log SaleOne – Log Sale

The One – Log Sale App purpose is mainly to help the staff working at log yards with the creation of inventory and log sale lists. This multiplatform App allows the user to create log sales directly on the device while out in the log yard. One of its main features is the ability to create them while offline, allowing the user to not be limited by places that do not have WIFI coverage. Once the device is connected to the internet, the loaded data is synchronized into the TIMBERplus system. The user can create a Log Sale summary of the data loaded, by adding or removing the desired logs. The information of the logs such as the log no., the species, forest no., quality, length among other details are displayed and can be edited.

Furthermore, when the Log Sale Summary is finished, the user can send or download a document for the customer and for their own. Each document has different information concerning each of the parts.



  • Ability to create log lists while offline directly on the device
  • Works on iPhone, Android and Windows 10 Desktop
  • Upload log list when online TIMBERplus System
  • Make your company more efficient by decreasing time doing two different lists
  • Save and edit in the Log Overview multiple times
  • Multiple sharing options of log sales
  • Ability to sell while offline



  • Ability to adjust prices
  • Synchronises with your TIMBERplus system
  • In the Log Summary the user can check and edit the loaded logs
  • Ability to adjust characteristics, species and other details easily
  • Generation of two different documents, one for the customer and one for the user



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