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neXt – Sawn Timber Stock

neXt – Sawn Timber Stock

The neXt- Sawn Timber Stock  is a warehouse management system for sawn timber. Therefore, goods are registered through tally import, manual input or via the One – Sawn Timber App. Moreover, it includes many functions. For instance, comprehensive filter functions, a dimension list printout function and an administration function for sawn timber and pallets. In addition, individual items can be reserved for the customer using this function.



  • Ability to see all stock at a click of a button
  • Ability to see which pallets have the most stock. It can help matching customers needs by using the filter functions
  • Designed for the special requirements of the sawn timber trade
  • Deliver better customer service with a more efficient warehouse process
  • Improve relationships with customers and suppliers by using a common interface
  • Above all, neXt Sawn Timber Stock works with our Mobile and One range to help mobilise your business



  • Reservation for dried logs
  • Stock take
  • Dryer
  • Stock information
  • Pallet Administration
  • Import of tallies
  • Stock Administration
  • Manual input of Sawn Timber
  • Works with our One – Sawn Timber App



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