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One – Log Yard Manager

Log Yard Manager logoOne – Log Yard Manager

This app was developed to reduce the time spent correcting errors and finding a way on making it easier for the staff at the log yard. The One – Log Yard Manager facilitates and makes the efforts of supervisors at the yard more efficient. The App allows the user to make changes of the information entered of timber Logs while out in the yard directly on the device, without the need of going back to their desks to do so. With the One – Log Yard Manager the manager can log in from the device and make changes on different information previously entered.



  • Make the efforts of yard manager more efficient
  • Simplify tasks and save time
  • Have better control over your inventory
  • Helps you to maintain correct information by being able to edit it in an easier way



  • Ability to change production quality from the device
  • Allows to change the status from outstanding, on stock, in production or processed
  • Ability to edit product type
  • Ability to fix wrong named species
  • Allows to locate places / pat
  • Make changes of Timber no. and Forest no. in case of any typos
  • Allows to edit production and length
  • Edit split log
  • Ability to find No. Tag easier
  • Allows user to scrap a log


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