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Classic – Veneer Stock

Classic – Veneer Stock for Veneer Inventory Management

A comprehensive warehouse management module for Veneer inventory management. The goods are registered through the importing of tally lists, by scan or manual input. Outgoing goods will be booked while packing. The Veneer inventory management system can search for veneer by using extensive filter functions to identify the pallets that match customer requirements.



  • Ability to see everything on stock at a click of a button
  • Ability to see which pallets have the most stock that meets your customers specific needs
  • When used with our Classic- Forklift Module ability to locate pallets in an efficient manor
  • Designed for the special requirements of the veneer trade
  • Improve relationship with customers and suppliers by using a common interface
  • Deliver better customer service with a more efficient warehouse process



  • Importing of goods through electronic tally lists
  • If a tally list is not available, quick registration through barcode scanning.
  • Relocating pallet logs through scanning
  • Stock of inventory and pallet stock by species and quality in own stock, commission stock or in production stock
  • Various grouping possibilities for a better overview
  • Automatically sending and receiving of emails, for the comparison between warehouses
  • Administration of products in transit
  • Adjustable tally list options, such as once, twice or triple with original, physical and selling dimensions
  • Automatic calculation of pallet size and weight
  • File export in various formats available
  • Manage stock returns




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