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Classic – Veneer Grading Line

Classic – Veneer Grading Line

Above all, the Grading Line is pieces of Veneer warehouse software which an automatic sorting line. Therefore, veneer is sorted mechanically according to their qualities onto pallets. They do not have to be scanned sequentially. It is a result of the intelligent composition and processing of the veneer packages. Moreover, you can add a scan tape for automated length and width measuring.



  • Efficient measurement of veneer bundles on a scan tape without user intervention
  • The system will grade the veneer in accordance with your sorting scheme
  • You can select veneer automatically, according to their grades onto pallets
  • Once completed the grading tally and log labels will be printed automatically
  • Designed and influenced by experienced veneer staff



  • Firstly, setting and administration of sorting schemes
  • Seconldy, grading veneer according to the sorting scheme
  • Thirdly, control of the tripper
  • Data charts and block label print
  • Automated length and width measuring



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