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neXt – Veneer Stock

neXt – Veneer Stock

An extensive warehouse Veneer Inventory system. Goods are recorded via tally import, scanning or manual input. The warehouse inventory system has comprehensive filter functions and a dimension list printout function. Individual items from the customer reservations can be produced and managed in this function.



  • Ability to see everything on stock at a click of a button
  • Ability to see which pallets have the most stock that matches your customers specific needs
  • When used with our Classic- Forklift module ability to locate pallets in an efficient manor
  • Ability to reserve stock and easily identify reserved stock for customers
  • Designed for the special requirements of the veneer trade
  • Improve relationship with customers and suppliers by using a common interface
  • Deliver better customer service with a more efficient warehouse process



  • Importing of goods through electronic tally lists
  • If a tally list is not available, quick registration through barcode scanning.
  • Stock of inventory and pallet stock by species and quality in own stock, commission stock or in production stock
  • Various grouping possibilities for a better overview
  • Administration of products in transit
  • File export in various formats available
  • Manage yearly stocktake


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