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One – Veneer Sample

TIMBERplus-veneer-sample logoOne – Veneer Sample

The One Veneer Sample is for the administration and management of veneer samples. Create sample sets for logs and set sample stock trays and status. This has been designed for the US unclipped veneer trade and adapted to the clipped veneer trade. In addition you can print barcode labels to easily identify the samples by scan. For unclipped samples you can also mark the sample as ‘to press’ or ‘to clip’ at first viewing.





  • More flexibility with being able to use the app anywhere in the warehouse
  • No need to decide what platform to use this on it works for all, Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android
  • Provides a quick overview of all sample’s
  • Make your company more efficient by being able to easily identify samples and trace their location
  • Save time the app links with our integrated scanning devices, no manual input required.
  • Designed for the special requirements of the veneer trade



  • Auto save function upon scanning of the next log
  • Option to scan the grade of the sample
  • Option to scan the Price of a sample
  • To press and to clip option for the log
  • Ability to use Bluetooth scanner
  • Printing of barcode labels to identify samples
  • Administration of veneer samples
  • Easily identify samples by scan
  • Easily identify sample location
  • Printing of barcode labels to identify location



  • 1.5.1 Added an auto save feature so it saves upon the next scan
  • 1.7.1 Ability to sell in half cent and quarter cent, log comment






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