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Classic – Vision

Classic – Vision

Veneer Photo Software

Above all, our Veneer Photo Software works by automatically photographing the veneer on the conveyor belt. Moreover, the pictures are made available and assigned to the individual bundles. In addition, you can apllly parameters for exposure and colour correction individually for each wood type. Therefore, it helps to optimise the picture quality. After that, group images of each log can be generated in, from the individual package pictures.



  • The unit comes with a colour calibration option. It can match the real veneer colours as close as possible in a production environment.
  • Reduce measuring time, the unit also has an integrated measuring device.
  • Save money sending pictures of bundle instead of samples
  • Designed for the special requirements of the veneer trade
  • Works as an addition to your existing conveyor belt



  • Takes photographs automatically
  • Individual composition of veneer bundles
  • Colour calibration option
  • Integrated measuring of veneer
  • Group images
  • Automatic assigning of photos to the bundle







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