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One – Video

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The One – Video App is mostly for the warehouse and Sales staff, as it can help them document the inventory easily. In addition, this solution is a very simple one to start using and that your staff will find effective and practical.

Firstly, the user just needs to press of a button to start recording a video directly from the handheld device. Secondly, one can scan the corresponding barcode with the integrated camera or Bluetooth scanner to attach the video(s) to the relevant bundle. Finally,  the data will be transferred automatically to the central TIMBERplus database system via WIFI.



  • More flexibility with being able to use the app anywhere in the warehouse
  • Save time uploading videos, scan a bundle, take a video and it is automatically uploaded onto your system via WIFI
  • Save money by emailing videos rather than posting samples
  • Ability to take several videos of each bundle, giving you a choice when sending to customers
  • Works on iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad and Android phones
  • Save time with our integrated scanning devices, no manual input required



  • Videos will be automatically uploaded onto your database
  • Add the video to the log by scan
  • Take videos of veneer logs
  • Delete old videos of sold logs
  • Take videos of Sawn Timber logs
  • Take several videos of each bundle


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